4 Things that Matter to Voters Everywhere

By Toby Tunwase

In most countries of the world, you must be 18 years old to vote. So, if you’re above 18 years, this question may as well be for you: What matters to you as a voter?

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It’s easy for us to run off with the idea that we are all different. And as a result, you should expect your preferences to be different from mine. While that is true in most cases, the same cannot be entirely said for elections. Most times, voters are divided along some major ideas or issues. We outline four of them below.

Image credit: Carlo Allegri | Reuters
  1. Economy: One of the most important things in people’s minds before elections is how well the election will affect the money in circulation. People consider jobs, inflation, tax, and ease of doing business. So, at the poll, they look out for who will deliver on good economic policies.
  2. Foreign Policy: You definitely want your country to relate well with neighbors. This foreign policy may involve importation, your country’s interest in international organizations, and even peace deals.
  3. Inequality: On the way to the poll, voters are likely to consider gender, race, and economic inequality. Everyone looks for a candidate that will prevent discrimination and give every citizen an equal seat at the table.
  4. Security: Finally, security and crime are also crucial matters to voters. Everyone wants to feel safe in their country. With this in mind, a leader that will fight crime and reform the criminal justice system is a good pick.