35 People That Decided To Get These Funny but Terrible Haircuts

By Barbara Norris

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There’s so much that can be done with your hair, yet many of us never even come close to seeing how wild it can get. We do, however, quite often scour the internet for hairstyle ideas. So today, we’ve decided to give you a glimpse into what you might look like if you decided to get experimental with your har. The people you’re about to meet are thrilled with their wild haircuts, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether they are fashion-forward or fashion fails. 

These hairstyles are undeniably creative. Indeed, you’ll find yourself wondering how on Earth some of these people even came up with the ideas. Some are so wild we can’t imagine how they managed to persuade their hairdressers to make them. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the first of many crazy dos! 

Oreo Fanatic

Hair art will always catch plenty of attention. Ordinary trims are wonderful, but hair air art is truly intriguing. This woman wanted to advertise her love of Oreos, and on that front, she’s certainly done a good job. 

Image source: pinterest / bonam

If you look carefully, you’ll notice she even added barcodes and sparkles. Maybe she’s the latest brand ambassador of the famous sandwich cookie.

The Deconstructed Haircut

Obviously, this individual isn’t afraid of a crazy hairstyle. In an era in which everything from philosophical discourse to sandwiches and even coffee is presented to us in a deconstructed format, this guy is truly a man of the times.

Image source: pinterest / weezee3612

The hairstyle suggests the handiwork of a vicious stylist, or even better, he might have done it without anyone else’s help. All you’d really need is the assistance of a bathroom mirror and some craft scissors. Creativity at its finest.

What Makes You Tick?

There is something that makes everybody tick, and clearly, for this person, it’s chameleons. That is the solitary conceivable explanation we could think of for this absurd chameleon hairstyle. 

Image source: pinterest / sarahlbunch

We will give the beautician an A for creativity as you don’t need to ponder which creature this is – it’s clear from the first look. Then again, perhaps the poor man only asked for a Mohawk and the stylist sprung this on him. 

The Coolest Mullet

For the 70s and 80s kids, clarifying what a mullet is ought to be no issue as you encountered the phenomenon directly. With longer hair in the back and short front sides, if you weren’t wearing this hairdo, you were passing up a great opportunity to show how cool you were. 

Image source: bellatory

David Bowie and Rod Stewart were shaking it with satisfaction. However, women generally didn’t get in on the trend until its resurgence in the 90s and the 2000s. This lady decided to go all out and reinvent the do. What do you think? Has she made it her own? 

Game Face

Keeping a poker face is one of the most challenging things to do in an emotionally loaded situation. Imagine the torment of visiting the salon and going through hours in the seat, just for the beautician to give you the most awful hairstyle of your life. 

Image source: ifunny.co

This haircut is somewhat lopsided, and that’s the kindest assessment we can give it. The difference here is that this lady is being forced to wear this interesting hairstyle not just on the street but on the runway for the world to see. The look on her face is epic. We just hope she can brush it out when she gets home! 

The Gaga Hairstyle

Nobody is invulnerable to awful hairstyles – they happen to everyone at least once in their lives. Even rich and famous individuals are susceptible. Just ask Lady Gaga. 

Image source: pinterest / marthabas

Frankly, we don’t know whether it’s a modern fedora hat, hairdo, or something different. The inquiry at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts is what amount of hairspray did they use to make this hold?

Can’t Get Enough of Unicorns

We don’t think we’ve ever encountered anybody who loves unicorns as much as the lady in the following picture. It probably took a great deal of time and exertion to pull off this lovely Candy Land style. Nonetheless, we’re torn between being intrigued and horrified by the result. 

Image source: pinterest / pinterestjb

The hair tone and strands are suggestive of a lovely rainbow, and we imagine it would look quite cute without the ocean of frizzy curls or the plastic unicorns. We just hope this was a temporary do created for a costume party!

A Loyal Spongebob Fan

Spongebob, his pet snail, and his aquatic pineapple home need no introduction for the vast majority of millennials. Indeed, some people go so far as to advertise their love of the adorable character in their hair. 

Image source: pinterest / lisajpgr

This hairstyle definitely grabs attention. However, it must be such a high-maintenance do. We wonder how long she stayed committed to her pineapple head. 

Permanent Regret

Perms are rare in the modern world. However a few decades back, they were the hottest trend. Nearly every fashion-forward guy and gal in the 80s tried the curly do at least once. 

Image source: awesomeinventions

One of the biggest perm trends in the 80s and 90s was the bangs-only perm. As you can see in the pic, this involved getting your fringe tightly curled and leaving the rest of your hair straight. We’ll leave it up to you to decide what you think of the results!  

Money, Money, Money

If you’re contemplating whether those are genuine quarters, we can confirm that they are. We’re all for people doing whatever they want with their hair, but this hairdo would be very difficult to maintain. Of course, she doesn’t appear to mind the slightest bit.

Image source: piximus

Did she simply have a heap of quarters lying around that she didn’t have a clue how to manage? Whatever the case, we fear that taking this hairdo out is truly going to hurt.

The Most Epic Mugshot

Flat hair is the bane of most fashionistas. We have no idea what this lady said to her hairdresser, but we’re certain of one thing – she unequivocally expressed that she doesn’t want flat hair. 

Image source: lipstickalley

All the hairdresser answered was “Say no more.” The rest is history, and you can see from the lady’s expression that she is a long way from happy. She hesitantly posed for what has all the earmarks of being a mugshot. 

Different Phases 

We all go through phases in our lives. Teens often go through a goth stage or punk stage, and the sky’s the limit from there. While some of these phases require a complete makeover, some can be achieved with a simple change of hairstyle. 

Image source: pinterest / artsygym

We have no idea what phase this lady is going through, what she asked or hairdresser for, or what the stylist intended to create. What we do know is that the look on the woman’s face says it all!

Is this Art?

Have you ever attempted to cut your hair? If so, you probably ended up looking a little like the model in the picture below. Indeed, this pic might even make you feel better about your haircutting skills because it is, after all, from a fashion shoot.

Image source: wendyeclark

The trends shown to us on the runways and in the pages of glossy magazines are rarely fit for the street. This leaves us wondering what the point of high fashion is? If no one can actually wear the styles in their everyday lives, why does it even exist? The only possible answer is that it’s a form of art. What do you think? 

Bad Hair Days

Sometimes, your hair can be mean to you for reasons unknown. It just will not behave, regardless of how enthusiastically you attempt to coax it into a nice style. All you can do is take solace in the fact that bad hair days happen to everyone. 

Sometimes, though, bad hair days are entirely our own faults. This kid, for example, couldn’t decide whether she wanted long hair or short. She settled for a compromise, and the results are, well, we’ll let you make your mind up on how it turned out! 

The Busy Bee

This man has been an industrious worker and so decided to get a hairstyle to match. He even added a stinger for impact. You can’t say he isn’t innovative, and his stylist really hit the nail on the head. 

Image source: pinterest / sewgoodstore

We’re certain his friends will love this style, and the jokes will just keep coming. Indeed, we wonder if this whole thing started as a dare or was the result of a lost bet. 


Is the sun giving you trouble? Why waste money on a hat when you’ve got all the makings for a sun visor right there on your head already? Take a look at the pic below for inspiration.  

Image source: pinterest / ccollier3876

This is an ingenious idea! Of course, you must be blessed with the same beautiful hair texture this man has to be able to pull it off. This is definitely our favorite style on the list. 

Keeping it Cool

For many people, their hair is more than a fashion statement; it’s a reflection of their character. We think this guy’s hairstylist was as confused as we are, but he did what he was asked to do.

Image source: pinterest / juliescott

He likely wanted bangs that coordinated with his t-shirt. The stylist colored them green and sectioned them off to add some additional oomph, and the outcomes got the customer grinning.

Nicki the Boss

Award-winning rapper, Nicki Minaj is known for her luxury fashion statements and interesting hairpieces. Thus, nobody will be astounded to see that she’s gone to great lengths (or should we say “heights”?) to have the craziest hair on the red carpet. 

Image source: wmagazine

We actually love the white-blonde look on her, and the leopard print spots and stylish fringe are super cool. The giant puffball is the part we’re not so sure about. However, she looks happy, and that’s all that really matters. 

Ear Muffs

This pic of Meg Ryan has surely been photoshopped. The funniest part is, she still looks stunning, even with a pair of big hairy earmuffs and a bald head! 

Image source: pinterest / miranda0453I

f your favorite celebrities all got this hairstyle, and the media announced it as the hippest hairstyle ever, would you be tempted to give it a go? Or would you denounce them all as crazy and stick with your go-to style? 

More Volume Please

Some people are blessed with thick, soft, voluminous locks. When you have thin hair, it’s easy to look at these folks with envy. However, there’s always a way to style your hair that makes the most of what you have. The lady in the picture below just hasn’t quite found that style yet.  

Image source: absolutelyconnected

All things considered, this lady made an honest effort to give her hair volume. We’ve all been through a few bad styles before discovering one that suits our hair and face shape. She’ll get there in the end. From the look of this mugshot-style image, though, we imagine she has bigger issues to deal with first.  

The Helicopter Style

Many individuals are so imaginative that they can think up incredible ways to reinvent the way hairdressing is done. This is one such person, and her inventiveness got everybody talking. 

Image source: therighthairstyles

Some of the styles we’ve seen in previous photos have been absolutely terrible. However, this one is so impressive that it’s earned a spot among our favorites. Despite the fact that it’s not at all practical for everyday wear, the hairdresser did a great job. This woman is going to be turning heads at whatever party she’s flying off to. 

No Words

In this day and age, a huge number of ladies depend on hairpieces and hair extensions to look the way they want to look. Indeed, many women are such experts with their weaves, wigs, and extensions, that you can’t even tell it’s not their natural hair.  

Image source: viralnova

This woman clearly needs some advice! While applying your wig, it must be positioned and fastened or glued so it doesn’t end up slipping. Can anyone offer some tutelage to this lady? Some friendly makeup advice wouldn’t go astray either! 

Musical Hair

Nowadays, ladies are becoming more expressive and are not afraid to create complex hairstyles. This lady’s hair is an absolute masterpiece on par with the helicopter we saw earlier. The violin may not be able to play you a tune, but it is a work of art nonetheless. 

Image source: pinterest / msorchestra

The solitary issue we anticipate is that she may find it difficult to get through entryways or hop into a vehicle. Additionally, hefting that around all day may give her a major stiff neck.

Scissor Sister

We’re still attempting to sort out what befell this lady’s hair. It’s also hard to say what we think about it. Though it looks strange and disjointed at first, it’s certainly not the worst cut to appear on this list!

Image source: bballer2019

Indeed, this might be the look she wanted from the start. What do you think? Is this edgy style cool or has it pushed the limits too much and turned into a fashion faux pas? 

The Modern Mullet

The name Neymar needs no explanation in sporting circles, particularly in the world of football. He was once one of the best footballers on the planet. Aside from his incredible athletic abilities, he’s quite famous for his eye-catching haircuts. 

Image source: pinterest / joefoto8

Neymar is constantly considered brandishing fashion-forward hairdos, but some say he takes it too far. Whatever you think of the orange mullet he’s sporting in this image, you have to admit, his skills compensate for any of his hair-related shortcomings. 

Pokemon Mohawk

When you see somebody like this, you know they like getting attention. They live for those shocked looks they get from strangers and love putting themselves out there with crazy attire and unusual hairdos. 

Image source: lolwot

In addition to the fact that he dyed his hair the loudest colors imaginable, this guy crafted his locks into a sharp Mohawk. The combination creates the effect of a Pokeball from the famous anime.

Facing Facts

When you’re drained, it’s almost impossible to resist the sleep your mind is craving. Regardless of the time and place, when dreamland calls, you must reply. This man found a clever approach to napping in class without getting caught.

Image source: brightside

He had his hairdresser craft a hairy face on his head. Then all he needs to do is shift his glasses up, making it resemble a bearded man giving the teacher his undivided consideration. Of course, this wouldn’t trick anybody, but we must still congratulate him for his creativity.

Inspired by Ramen Noodles 

Millennials seem like a crazy bunch to those from Gen Z. The kids of the new generation don’t understand any of the trends that were dominating the early 2000s, particularly the haircuts. Indeed, on account of Justin Timberlake, they have an additional weapon in their arsenal when taking jabs at Millennial style.

Image source: gq

When he was shown this image years later, Timberlake couldn’t help but snicker at how absurd his hair was. At any rate, he can pardon himself because, crazy as this sounds, it was the trendy thing to wear at the time. For some reason, having ramen for hair was cool back then. 

Football Pranks

Did you know that professional athletes play a lot of pranks on each other? As you might expect, new players are often the victims. Indeed, if you’re a fan of the NFL, you’ve probably seen the results of these pranks on the field. 

Image source: thesportster

Most of the time, no one is disgraced or harmed. Instead, everybody simply enjoys a hearty chuckle about it. All things considered, the case was somewhat unique for this Patriot player who had to live with this hair for some time. He doesn’t seem to be worried about it, though!


If you are a fervent LOTR fan, the first character to pop into your head when you see this man is probably Legolas. From the ears to the jawline and the super-straight blonde hair, they do look quite similar. 

Image source: thehaircutinspiration

We can definitely say Legolas inspired him. Indeed, we wouldn’t be surprised if his Dungeons and Dragons character is an elf. We’re almost certain he gave the hairstylist a lot of thought as there’s so much going on there! 

Razor Disaster

This guy’s hairstyle doesn’t look bad at all… until you notice the bald runway tracking up the side of his head! From what we can gather, it seems like he attempted to cut his own hair but forgot to add the right attachment to his clippers! 

Image source: ifunny

Truth be told, there are no straightforward answers for fixing this wreck. He could shave everything off, so everything can grow back equally with time, or he could wear a cap for a few months until he can even it out. What would you do?  

Is that a Triceratops?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see this dude’s hair? To us, those green hair-horns immediately take us back to Jurassic Park. Then again, he could also give Wolverine a run for his money. 

Image source: sportsoggy

We don’t know what he was attempting to accomplish. Perhaps he secretly wishes he could be a dinosaur or a superhero? Any thoughts on this weird haircut?

M.C. Escher Meets M.C. Hammer

First of all, we need to praise the stylist for doing an amazing job with this mind-bending style. This man’s hair looks like M.C. Escher had a go at styling M.C. Hammer’s do!  

Image source: brightside

We’d love to see a full 360-degree view of this masterpiece. It’s not really an ideal hairdo for working in an office or heading out for a casual movie night, but it’s undeniably imaginative! 

A Hair-Raising Do

This hair seems to have gravity-resisting properties. One thing that makes this hair extremely noteworthy is the way that he managed to make each strand stick straight up. 

Image source: ranker

Consistency has been accomplished from all angles. Amazing! The force gravity exerts on our planet doesn’t appear to have any impact on this man. How long will it last? 

A Scary Hairy Image

You’d have to have a ton of audacity to sculpt the face of somebody on the rear of your head. This sort of style isn’t for amateurs because when it’s not done effectively, the outcome can be incredibly unpleasant. 

Image source: thesun

One thing we can wager is that many individuals will not quit gazing and remarking on the monster on the back of his head. The eyes and distorted mouth are going to cause bad dreams for quite a while.

Tiger Stripes

Though it looks like a beanie or winter hat at first glance, this is actually her real hair. Though the lines do create an interesting effect, the look on her face says the style didn’t turn out quite how she wanted. 

Image source: ruinmyweek

We’re all for people expressing themselves through their hair and getting all sorts of wild styles. However, you must get a skilled stylist who can advise you on what will look good and what won’t. Such a stylist will also help you pull off even the most out-there looks.  

A Bird’s Nest

We have all seen people whose hair looks like a bird’s nest. However, this man truly takes the cake. He even has the eggs to finish the look! Do you think he went out like this? Or did someone make the connection while he was browsing the store and then asked him to pop some eggs in for a photo op? 

Image source: brightside

We would not be shocked if a real bird couple chose to make his hair their home. We’re attempting to envision how difficult it would be to move around with this nest on your head. From the look on his face, it’s a burden he’s happy to bear. 

A Fluffy Mop of Hair

We’re genuinely dazzled by the amount of hair this person has, and we’re certain he’ll make numerous ladies swoon. Be that as it may, with incredible power comes equally great responsibility. Dealing with this mop of hair won’t be simple, and the hairspray investment alone will be astronomical. 

Image source: evilmonkeypaw

If he keeps growing his hair out, it’ll almost be big enough to live in. At the very least, it will keep him warm during cold nights. Of course, all that money saved on heating and rent will have to go on maintaining his epic do! 

The Windows Logo

A person can go through many hairstyles in a lifetime, especially if it takes a while to discover something that truly suits. This man chose to try out a Mohawk this time around, but the spiky part of his do isn’t the attention-grabbing aspect.  

Image source: askmen

The pattern on the side of his head looks a lot like the Windows logo. We’re certain his stylist put a lot of care and attention into crafting this look, and we must give them acknowledgment for creating a true work of hair art.