A Brief History Of Racism

By Toby Tunwase

Racism is a significant issue in today’s world, with several movements and laws established to end the plague across all parts of the world. However, while virtually everybody knows what racism is and who the primary victims of racism are, not many can trace the beginning, causes, and reasons that birthed the concept of racism. Here, we attempt to show you the first days and causes of racism. 

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It is difficult to put an exact date or time to the concept of racism. Still, the idea that a race was superior to another has appeared in human history at different times, dating back perhaps to biblical times. However, one of the earliest, most profound, and organized expressions of racism in modern times was the North American institution of slavery which officially began in 1619.

To ensure slavery would not only survive but thrive, those who wanted it to stay in place conjured the idea of racial superiority to elaborate the difference between individuals of African descent and those of European origins. The goal was to dehumanize and reduce the worth of those people who had been involuntarily enslaved and transported from Africa. It was particularly ironic that the proponents of slavery and those who owned slaves portrayed the United States as a major frontier of human freedom, democratic institutions, equality, and human rights. They could, however, get away with these, as slaves were not seen as equal to humans.

Since then, there have been both covert and overt expressions of racism, and the world still battles with the concept and its effect today. We all still hope we can eradicate it from cultures all over the world.

Image: Shutterstock