A Violation Of Human Rights: Banning Virginity Testing Should Be Enforced

By Praseetha N

Many may not know or unaware of what and how virginity testing is done. In most developed countries, this is illegal as it is a violation of human rights and take away the dignity and pride of a woman. It shames her for doing something that is natural to human beings; sex. The worst part here is that they conduct it on rape survivors as well. As if the woman hasn’t gone through enough trauma but her family decides to check whether or not their daughter is still “Pure”

The practice is as completely unscientific and is medically unnecessary. Let’s break this down to easier bites.

Image Courtesy Of Pixabay

First, a woman, usually unmarried or a young girl, who her family believes has been sexually active or perhaps even raped is brought into a clinic where they ask a doctor to check and see if everything is okay with her reproductive organs.

Image Courtesy Of Pexels

Examinations can be done by not only doctors but police officers and village elders and heads. While this usually happens in underdeveloped countries, keep in mind that this practice is illegal almost everywhere which is why people usually do it in secret. It is illegal in India but there are no enforcements on the practice at all which is why it is still fairly rampant around the country.

Authorities and citizens alike should always try to enforce this horrible practice and keep our young women safe.