These People Are Struggling To Be One With Nature

By Roy Danilo

Camping is an enjoyable way to relieve stress and to unwind after months or even years of slaving away behind a computer in a tiny cubicle. It helps you reconnect with nature, yourself, and maybe even your loved ones. However, this may not work out for everyone. Some people end up going home even more stressed than ever! Luckily, nature is there for our taking. The trees don’t demand anything from you, you can rough it out in nature without anyone breathing down your neck. It’s simply the place to be! These people couldn’t wait to get a dose of nature. From getting married in nature to roasting 10 hot dogs at once, these camping folks are pretty crazy but at the same time weirdly relatable.

Who Needs Personal Space?

Camping trips with buddies are the bomb! You laugh and reminisce and do ridiculous things that end up bringing everyone closer together. However, just like every normal functioning human being, everyone needs some sort of space, especially when it comes to sleeping.

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These friends, however, must have been on an insanely tight budget, because it seems like they could only afford one tent and had everyone piled on top of the other. How is the person at the bottom even breathing, let alone sleeping? Not only that, their legs must be freezing!

No Floaties? No Problem

This guy is either incredibly brave or incredibly drunk. How can we tell? Well, mainly because why would you even need floaties if you know how to swim? So, this means he can’t swim and is risking it with a bunch of carbonated drink bottles strapped around his waist!

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Either that, or perhaps his buddies dared him to do it. Hopefully, he will come to his senses before he decides to take a plunge. Another point to observe here is, if he were learning how to swim, why do it in the ocean? This entire thing seems entirely too risky…

Law Breakers

Have you ever realized those signs where it says “Do Not Throw Rubbish Here” somehow manage to be the spot everyone dumps their trash? Well, we are guessing it’s the same with this sign. It looks like the perfect place to go camping — under a no camping sign!

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Now, we aren’t too sure if that sign is too small to be noticed or if the people who set up their tent just really don’t care about the risks involved when camping in a place that has a bright red sign that says “NO CAMPING”. But, seeing as there probably hundreds of them, not much can be done unless you fine the whole lot!

Look Ma! No Hands!

Alright, time to be real for a minute. There are many wannabe health gurus out there who post on their Instagram stories and on their feed about how they are always so very zen and in tune with nature. But, as we all know, in reality, it’s a posed picture for a brand advertisement.

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No one actually looks that good after hiking in the heat, which is why this photo has us thinking: did she really think something that revealing is the best thing to wear when hiking through relatively steep trails? Doesn’t help that she’s pulling an Aron Ralston, as well.

Right Down The Middle

While going camping can be exciting, tension can run a little high at times. You are going to be spending your every waking hour with the person you came along with. While it may be more fun with close friends, traveling with family, especially small kids, can wreak havoc after a while.

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That’s probably why these parents decided they needed some space. So, they used the inflatable mattress and separated the family so that each person could have their own personal time. Although, we wonder what they slept on during the night.

I’m Just Cautious

Overcoming one’s fears is a very important step to building one’s character. It gives you confidence to take on more difficult and meaningful tasks in your life. However, for some people, simple tasks can seem pretty daunting and they take…drastic steps to overcome it.

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But every step, no matter how small, is still a step and that means progress. This guy here seems to be taking the right measures. After a while, he’ll gain some bravery and switch to a shorter stick. Until then, we guess, he’ll have to make do with freezing since he won’t get anywhere near a fire.

Mud Bath For One

Camping isn’t for everyone. And for little miss Suzy here, it was a nightmare. But her boyfriend had decided to take them for a camping trip for their anniversary and well, you can’t really say no when it’s all been planned out, right?

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So off they went, to the woods where they parked their car. Unfortunately, as soon as they stepped out of the car, Suzy slipped in some mud and fell face-first into it. Yikes. Talk about a bad start. But at least she got some sort of facial out of it, and for free as well!

Puppy Love

Having a furry pal along for a camping trip just makes it a whole lot more worthwhile. They are full of boundless energy, which may get you worn out but, hey, it’s good for your heart! Bringing animals on trips is always a great idea.

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You get a fun and loving companion who is never going to yak your ear off and most importantly, it’s always going to be a grand adventure! Whoever this lucky person is to wake up to this precious face better count his blessings, because that is the best view ever. It makes us want to gather up our pets and hit the road.

Set Fire To The Tray

When buying utensils or kitchenware, always make sure to spend a little more on getting materials not only durable but also safe to eat out of. The person who bought this tray obviously did not think that through. He saw something on sale and went, “That would be perfect for camping!”

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Sadly, for him, the tray proved to be rather flimsy, because the piping hot food he just cooked melted a hole through the tray and fell straight to the floor! Talk about a total waste of a good wing! Looks like the potato chips may come in handy.

Portable Griller

This person, if not an actual engineer, is an engineer by heart, mind, and soul! He decided that instead of buying an entire grill, he could just makeshift one from a shopping trolley. While we don’t know where he got that trolley from, we are pretty sure he came up with this idea on his own.

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He not only made his own little portable fireplace, but it also doubles as a portable grill. You can easily just roll it around and pass barbecued food to your fellow campers! Plus, it makes cleaning a whole lot easier. This is a pretty cool hack but be careful when replicating it.

Thinking Outside The Box

Being part of the Scouts is a great way to learn survival skills and build long-lasting friendships. In fact, studies have shown that kids who join scouts programs become great leaders and are more confident to take initiative in many tricky situations.

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This kid in this image clearly shows those qualities, because what do you do when you have a bunch of hungry teammates and you only have a limited amount of time to cook sausages? Grab a rake and stick em’ on it! Hopefully he washed the rake first though.

Potty Ablaze

Yikes! Wonder who had the extra spicy chili last night? Kidding! The cause of it is actually unknown, although some say it may have started from people throwing the cigarettes onto the ground while still lit. We’ve heard of a dumpster fire, but a port-a-potty fire?

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While no one was injured, it is unfortunate, because of a few bad apples, everyone has to suffer and were not allowed to use the port-a-potty until the investigation can solve the root cause. Until then, it’s going just like how they did in the Stone Age, but hey, at least we have toilet paper?

Fashionably Practical

This particular image does not really have a lot to do with camping but it falls into the category, as these girls will be braving the outdoors for a concert. We are guessing it has something to do with Coachella from the way they are dressed.

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However, unlike a lot of the others that we have seen, these girls have really prepared themselves. You can see that they have their rain boots on and fanny packs, which may not be the most fashionable thing in the world, but it definitely takes the cake when it comes to practicality.

Doing Laundry In Luxury

Now, getting a Lamborghini is basically driving around a status symbol. You turn heads and have people approaching you to ask to take a photo of your sweet ride and you get your ego stroked a bit and all is well. However, not everyone feels the same.

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Take this person, for example. He or she clearly has no need or want to flaunt it. Clearly they bought the car because of its multi-functional use. You not only drive it but it can also be used to hang laundry! How clever.  

Phone Prank

Who says that camping is all work and no play? Here’s a prime example of someone who decided to show folks who come by the campgrounds a bit of humor. We are sure lots of people took photos and had a laugh. But do you know who isn’t going to laugh?

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The same group of people will soon realize that there is no power socket nearby and they really need to make an urgent phone call. Guess when that happens, it is not going to be very hilarious anymore, is it? Well, maybe if they are lucky, they can just shout into the tin and hopefully their voices will echo louder.

Winging It

You know when you buy tents, they usually come with a manual? Put your hand up if you live with a fiend who refuses to so much as look at the manual let alone read it. Well, if your hand is up, show them this photo.

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And if your hand is down, you, dear reader, are probably the fiend and we implore you to change your ways because this image could be your future. These people who own this floating tent obviously did not follow the manual and decided to wing it. Well, the tent obviously decided to wing it as well and has taken flight.

Man’s Best Friend

Travelling with friends and family is fun and all, but nothing beats the company of your most loyal buddy and companion, your dog. They are awesome with camping trips and love to explore. They will never get tired of running about.

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That means you never have to hear someone in your group complain about how they are sore and want to go home early because well, to a dog, this is the life! Take this dog for example, who is so excited to get going, he was the first one up! But because his human is still asleep, he decided to protect him in the best way possible: by standing on his face.

Bathing With Nature

Looking at this image has us wondering if this is an ingenious idea or just really troublesome. We decided to land on the border between the two. These guys decided that while they can go camping and enjoy nature, it does not mean they have to deprive themselves of a nice hot bath.

Image Courtesy Of Twitter/higieneenlamontaña

No reason to be not be squeaky clean while enjoying the sunset, right? However, whose bathtub did they pick up and how did they manage to transport it all the way to the campsite? Well, once we figure that out, we’re gonna do it too!

Too Close For Comfort

Camping with your kids teaches them great values. Responsibilities, respect for nature, and ultimately great survival skills. As for the parents, you learn a whole lot more about patience and how to limit yourself to only one glass of wine instead of a bottle.

Image Courtesy Of tilestwra

Well, this family got more than they bargained for when they were awoken to a sound of a growling bear! We’re sure the parents got the bear away, but was it really necessary to take a photo when there is a wild bear that close to your kids?

Don’t Be The First To Fall Asleep

This is basically something that everyone knows. Never be the first one to fall asleep at the party, especially if you are in the great outdoors. This guy obviously did not get the memo and decided to promptly fall asleep.

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Well, like most people with dear friends, they too decided to put decorations on their buddy. As you can see, whoever had hold of the marker is an exceptional artist! Not to mention the added food deco on his chest that we believe was done by a chef. Well, that’s what you get…

This Can Only End One Way

We understand when people get excited around their friends and families, they often do pretty dumb stuff in order to impress them, stuff they normally wouldn’t do. Some overshare their feelings and opinions and some partake in particularly dangerous dares.

Image Courtesy Of phununews

While some walk away with bruised egos and perhaps a cut or two, this guy is probably going to be intensive care for a while. He decided that it was the perfect time and place to show off some break dancing moves. Sadly for him, he was too close to the fire. Let’s just hope he didn’t get too hurt.

You’re Using It Wrong

Sometimes advertisements can go wrong and you can see people performing the weirdest things on TV. Executing the simplest task suddenly becomes a huge debacle, from not knowing how to pour milk properly to being unable to mop without breaking the stick.

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However, we believe this one is the weirdest images that shows how to use a product. It basically says, if you go camping and want to read, buy the econo camper mat so that your book will stay dirt-free but you will have to lay on the wet grass. Where’s the sense in that?

Life Generator

Modern-day camping or as they call it, ‘glamping’, has become more and more popular these days. So, with that comes a whole load of high tech RVs that kind of take away the true meaning of actual camping. You’re basically just travelling around with a small moving apartment.

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That is why parking in an RV park can get pretty hectic, as you can see here. Can you imagine the chaos that will ensue if that poor overused power generator were to short circuit? We can almost guarantee that these people wouldn’t be able to survive a night without the help of modern commodities.

Quitting Technology Cold Turkey

Going camping usually includes the need or want to disconnect from the modern world. It’s a way many people use to unwind and de-stress. Take this person who decided to leave their phone outside of the tent when they went to bed to make sure they don’t get tempted to start scrolling through social media.

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However, they may have gone a bit too far because they actually slept through the pouring rain, knowing that their phone was out there. Or, they actually forgot and instead of fishing it out, decided to take a photo. Camping and technology simply don’t mix; should have left the phone at home!

Not-So-Secret Campground

You know the movie Fight Club where the first rule is to never talk about Fight Club? Well, if the person who put up this sign were to have ever joined the club, we would guess that he wouldn’t last a minute and instead start hitting the streets passing out flyers about this cool new secret society.

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This campground was probably a secret for a long time with people coming around to have peace and quiet and then BAM! This guy shows up and thinks to himself: “What would make it easier to find a secret spot? Oh! I know, a huge signboard!” We bet his friends don’t invite him places anymore…


While some people over pack like that guy who took his entire room with him to Europe, this guy decided all he needed was his trusty jacket and a good attitude. His jacket seems to transform into this odd blanket/sleeping bag hybrid that honestly is a worthwhile purchase!

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Now, whenever he feels tired he can just turn his jacket into a sleeping bag, zip it up and voilà! Nap time. However, how does he get comfortable? It’s quite obvious that the jacket doesn’t have any padding which probably means he can feel every rock and stick he lays on. Ouch!

Do Anything For A Bargain

Black Friday is a day where humans turn into beings that don’t have much humanity left in them. We see it time and time again where people push, shove and trample others to get a flat screen TV at fraction of the price and man! Even National Geographic isn’t as brutal as that.

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Given that, these people have decided to take an alternative route and camp out instead of facing a mob of people later on. Well, to that we say kudos, and let’s hope customers actually stay in line. At least they left their homes to go camping!

Merging Two Worlds Together

Why do people go camping? Well, for some it’s to get away from the city, to be one with nature or to hone survival skills. With camping, you get to have ultimate relaxation. At night, you hear the crackling fire, the insects chirping and buzzing, and perhaps even a gentle breeze.

Image Courtesy Of Twitter/Kirolak_Vitoria

After all, nature provides the best sound effects for relaxation. On the other hand, you have people like this guy right here, who just can’t part with their electronics. He would rather hear the TV than nature itself, which makes us wonder why he decided to camp anyways.

Bringing A Piece Of Home

We all have one of those people in our group who overpacks because they overthink and worry about everyone. Taking some band aids turns into buying boxes of band aids, because what it we make friends at the camp site and they need them too?

Image Courtesy Of fishki

(Okay, perhaps that last example is a little too specific, but you get the picture) Well, nothing can beat this over packer because it seems that he gave up thinking of what to bring and decided to just pack up their entire household on top of a truck.

Packing Light

Backpacking isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot of mental and physical strength to travel into an unknown country with a backpack on you. Usually, backpackers travel as light as they possibly can. They stick to necessities to make sure that staying in bunkers will at least be comfy.

Image Courtesy Of altapress

Oh, but not this guy, no. He decided he wanted to bring along every piece of item in his room around Europe because you know, sometime your Beanie Babies collection wants to see the Eiffel Tower too! The question is where did he get that bag, how did he manage to get it on a plane and how does he find his toothbrush?

In My Space

Safari adventures are always fun and you walk away with so much respect for nature and also knowledge of the environment. However, like any other outdoor activities, it comes with its own set of dangers as well. Take this guy, for instance.

Image Courtesy Of Twitter/manchesterrugby

All he wanted to do was sit in his tent and enjoy his magazine in peace. And just when he was beginning to kick back, a lion decided to stroll. From the looks of the gun he has perched outside, we really hope he isn’t some kind of trophy hunter.

Never Trust The Picture

In this day and age, most people know by now (or at least we hope they do) that you cannot ever trust everything you read and see on the internet. The internet itself is a web of lies and the biggest rule is if it is too good to be true, then it’s probably fake.

Image Courtesy Of funnyjunk

So if you’re someone who does online shopping regularly, you probably know to check for reviews, ratings and do a background check on the seller. Sadly, for this guy, he did not do that. He looked at the photo and said “looks legit” and clicked on buy now. Well, if he has a tiny cat or dog, maybe they can use it instead.

All Wrapped Up

Camping with friends is a wild ride. It is full of insane memories and you strengthen friendships along the way. However, just like how any relationship goes, having fun is the only way to increase camaraderie. That’s why this guy’s friend decided to play a prank on him.

Image Courtesy Of yaustal

This guy foolishly trusted his friends enough to be the first one to fall asleep by the fire and so they did the only natural thing. They hoisted him onto a tree and duct-taped him to it. Ah yes, that is quality friendship right there. Hopefully, he got out soon enough though!

Beating The Heat

With the world turning into an oven, it only makes sense that we often find ourselves taking shelter in the inviting coolness of an air conditioned room. We not only long to sleep in a cold room, we even go out of our way to ensure the eateries we go to are equipped with an air con as well!

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However, not everything comes with such a device and when you go to a place like the woods for camping, well, you just gotta make do with what Mother Nature gives you. This person, however, is clearly not pleased with mother nature and has decided to bring along their own air conditioner…talk about going overboard. 

Because Bike Equals True Love

Here we see the raw, passionate love between a man and his bike. Clearly they have been through a lot together before the woman who calls herself ‘the girlfriend’ came in between them. To the bike, it probably thinks to itself “when you’re home, he might be with you, but you know he thinks of me all the time”.

Image Courtesy Of robofunny

You have to imagine that’s why the woman was banished from the tent to sleep on the cold hard floor. Camping is obviously a thing that was sacred to the bike and the guy, which is why there’s no way a girlfriend could ever take its place on a camping ground.

Bringing Your Work To The Woods

Everyone deserves a break every now and then. We’re only human and we need to be more in tune with ourselves and listen when our bodies are craving for self-care. However, like many modern-day career-oriented folks, we don’t know when or even how to take breaks.

Image Courtesy Of blowoutforums

We get into the habit of being workaholics, like this guy. Clearly someone dragged him into going camping against his will and there was some sort of weird compromise that ended with his bringing his computer along. The only thing we’re curious about is where did he even find an electrical outlet strong enough to support that many devices.

Unhappy Camper

Not everything will go as planned when you decided to go into the wild for some fun times, mainly because nature does not care about your carefully planned itinerary. If you want to go hiking because the forecast said it was going to be sunny, well then, guess what?

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Nature is going to pour down like Niagara Falls because well, why not? So this guy here probably wanted to go for a swim and realized the lake that looked gorgeous online turned out to be either dried up or swampy.  

Bad Romance

Getting married is one of the happiest days in a person’s life. They are completely in love and vow to have and to hold their partners for as long as they live. This scene looks similar to an American Horror Story episode though.

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However, while some people dream of big, exotic and lavish weddings, there are a few people who would rather opt for a small, private wedding instead. Take, for example, this couple (who we have to admit are a pretty creepy) who decided to exchange vows in front of a barbecue grill. Well, at least one of them decided to dress up.