Chronicling The Journey Of Kamala Harris

By Toby Tunwase

Kamala Harris became incredibly famous after being announced as the candidate for vice president for the democratic party in the 2020 elections. She made history as the first black female vice president in America. Yet, her political and public service journey did not begin there, and the vice presidency was not the first time she was “first at something.” She was the first black female to be district attorney in California. Becoming the first female attorney general of California was the next rung in the ladder. She was also the first senator in the US to be Indian American.

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After finishing Law School in 1990, Kamala Harris joined the prosecutor office in Alameda County, Oakland. She was the assistant district attorney, and her focus was sexual crimes. Next, she moved to the prosecutor’s office in San Francisco, and this time she was majorly focused on teenage prostitution.

She embarked, in 2003, on her first electoral campaign for the district attorney’s office in San Francisco. She won with 56.6% of the vote in a run-off, making her the first black woman to achieve such a feat.

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In 2010, Harris ran for the position of attorney general for California, in what was a tightly contested race against Steve Cooley. She won by the narrowest of margins, after three weeks of all ballots being counted. In 2016, beating out a fellow democrat, she also won her race for the US Senate. Before she was appointed Biden’s vice president, she had a presidential campaign that ended in 2019 due to internal turmoil and low numbers.

Today, she is Vice President Harris, and we can only wait and see what is next for the remarkable Kamala Harris.