Countries Dealing With Armed Conflict In Africa

By Toby Tunwase

Several narratives are being played out on the continent of Africa currently; there is economic growth, there is population increase, and a lot of other positive things happening on the vast and diverse continent. One such narrative that we will be focusing on is the narrative of war and violence that has gripped some parts of Africa. Below are some countries dealing with armed conflicts and wars.


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The state of Mozambique has had to resist radical Islamist militants who are hell-bent on establishing an Islamic state in the Cabo Delgado province of the nation. These groups have wrecked all manner of havoc in some areas of the country. For instance, the insurgents captured the northern port city of Mocimboa da Praia and seriously destroyed infrastructure. 


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Even though Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy and several parts of the nation enjoy relative peace, the northern part of the nation has continued to suffer from terrorist attacks by a set called “Boko Haram.” The radical jihad group began operations in 2002 and has only grown in its destructive potentials since then. The nation has experienced abductions, bombings, massacres, and destruction of infrastructure at the hands of this group. 

The Democratic Republic of the Congo

This is an armed conflict that has spanned several years and has claimed over 5 million lives. The country is plagued by several armed groups that move about the country’s jungles, wreaking havoc on one another and the nation at large. Some groups use DRC as a base operation to launch assaults into their own home countries.