Facebook Attempts to Clear up Mark Zuckerberg Remarks on False Political Ads.

By James Neequaye Kotey

When Facebook’s owner, Mark Zuckerberg, was found guilty of displaying misleading political ads on his social media platform, Facebook. He was called into court to clear himself up; instead, he messed up evermore.

When Chairwoman Maxine Waters asked questions, Mark claimed that Facebook uses third-party software; literally, minutes later, he contradicted himself, saying that Facebook does not interfere with insensitive matter verification such as politics.

Zuckerberg has a strong belief that the community has the right to hear direct words from politicians, even lies, but then are liable for their own political decisions. He then went on and stated that exceptions would be made for advertisements promoting violence and suppressing votes.

He firmly believes that in a democracy, the people should decide what the truth is and what is incorrect. The tech companies cannot fact-check these opinions.

Due to the entire backlash that Facebook received, they took utterly stopping political advertisements into consideration. They quickly came to realize that it wasn’t a feasible option because many people rely on Facebook for publication.

Chairwoman Maxine Waters infer that deceiving the community will allow Facebook to sell more ads, which will, in turn, be a considerable supporter’s suppression effort.

A senator from the United States, Elizabeth Warren, intentionally created a false advertisement as a test and posted it on Facebook. She has claimed that through this experiment, she has concurred that Zuckerberg has been biased towards President Donald Trump and has promoted him for re-election.