Facebook Gets More Political With The New Petition Feature

By Toby Tunwase

Facebook is back with a bang, and we can bet you didn’t see it coming. Facebook has been losing its user base in recent times. It even gets worse when you consider how many users it has lost between the ages of 12 and 34.

However, in a bid to cover up for its reducing popularity, the social media network aims to build more interaction between people and public officers. The good thing is Facebook is taking a great initiative to achieve this aim. This time, it introduced what it calls Community Action.

Image credit: Facebook

Community Action is a feature that allows users to support a social cause and tag their public officers to the action. Even though the feature does not allow Facebook users to tag the president and vice president, they can tag elected legislators and local government officials. The feature also allows them to see their friends and public accounts that support the cause.

Most Facebook users have to struggle with the wrong ways in which this feature can be used. You would probably agree that this feature is useful for creating awareness, crowdfunding, and rallying support for causes.

Image credit: facebook.com/policytakeover/

On the flip side, users with wrong intentions may create useless campaigns. These misinformed petitions may be complicated by a herd mentality, which pushes innocent users to declare support and even tag public officials.

Besides, users may push political causes at the expense of worthwhile social issues. Since Facebook is still having problems controlling the content on its platform, this feature may be quite a problem in the long run.