How Do International Relations Influence Our Daily Lives?

By Toby Tunwase

International relations may be an abstract and superficial subject to most people. Yet, it is an important aspect of our lives.

The relation of one country with another goes a long way in affecting what obtains between and among citizens daily. There are two sides to this coin- the negative influences as well as positive influences.

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·        Negative Influences

In recent times, visa denials and denial of entry into developed countries like the United States are tied to certain diplomatic decisions. For instance, a particular class of ‘Muslim’ countries is denied entry into the U.S. This denial is not because of an action done by those that would be affected. However, the policy still affects them due to their nationality.

Similarly, certain goods (medications, for example) may be difficult to purchase if an international boycott restricts your country. Lastly, when your country bans the importation of certain goods, your chance of accessing such goods is close to nothing.

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·        Positive Influences

The European scene has continually displayed what it is like to enjoy healthy International relationships. Consider the free movement of persons and international trades across the borders of the EU countries. As a citizen of any EU member states, you are permitted to reside and even work in any other EU country. This scenario is an instance of the positive influence international relations can have on our lives individually.

Conclusively, you must understand that your country’s interactions with other countries immensely affect your everyday life, either negatively or positively.