Lockdowns Have Caused Domestic Violence Cases To Surge

By Praseetha N

Covid-19 has sparked more than an international health crisis since its big debut at the end of 2019. In fact, it has brought a huge social crisis to its boiling point that has finally shown the world the gravity of its situation.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline in the U.S. has received over 2,000 calls from victims of domestic violence since mid-March 2020. They stated Covid-19 as the condition of their abuse. Meaning that their abusers actually use the disease to inflict not only physical but mental and emotional abuse.

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The victims stated that their abuser won’t allow them to leave their homes even though they are healthcare workers or essential employees. They claim that the victim is purposely trying to bring them harm by infecting them with the virus. 

Another individual stated that their partner does not want him or her to continue working while their abuser isn’t as it will give them financial independence. And if they were to leave the house to go to work, these abusers will withhold preventive measures from their victims like taking away hand sanitizers, soaps and shampoos or even access to clean water.

Unfortunately, at a time like this, shelters are usually unavailable or limiting their intakes. In worst case scenarios, law enforcements are not even available or will come by too late when a distress call is made and with the lockdown situation, it is basically impossible for them to physically get away from their abusers.

Image Courtesy Of Unsplash

On the other hand, authorities are still doing their best by allowing victims to text or chat with the hotline online should they be unable to find a way to talk without their partners overhearing. Plus, remote filing for restrictions orders can be done to help victims place themselves in a more secure location.