Rumors of Extremism on Rehabilitation Projects in Marawi City

By Roy Danilo

The military forces are looking at the rumor on extremist groups recruiting new members by instigating their ire over the rehabilitation delays of Marawi City.

More than two years ago, this city was dumbfounded by the ballistic exchange of the Philippine Military versus the family-grown terrorist group, the Maute liberation front.

Image Courtesy Of South China Morning Post

Surveillance reports claim the decry of the residents regarding the delay as an opportunity for the same or another terrorist group to form another liberation front.

However, the residents mostly deny such activities occur in the city, especially those who were devastated by the bombing more than two years ago. Amidst the frequent unrest happening in Marawi, even after that fateful event in history, the people remain hopeful that they will realize the promise of the government soon.

Image Courtesy Of World Book

Senators Christopher “Bong” Go, and Miguel “Migz” Zubiri have visited the city on Friday, particularly the Ground Zero of the crisis, and have answered several questions regarding the allegations. Both have clarified that the government is doing its best to expedite the rehabilitation process until the city gets back on her feet.

While an official report claiming the presence of another extremist movement is becoming widespread, the military force and the local government assures everyone that everything is under control, and protection for all residents is the topmost priority.

As of this moment, the government is yet to release a statement about other imbalances in the city’s development scheme, including issues on corruption, the contractor’s leeching on project funding, and other scandals that can contribute to the ire of the residents and make them join another extremist movement.