Brazilian Photographer Shows His Fans What It Takes To Create His Masterpieces

By Stefan C

This article was originally published on healthandwellnesnews

It takes a special skill and keen eye to truly capture the energy of a moment in time — just owning an iPhone won’t cut it. But that’s what professional photographers are for.

Reminiscing about a special event through the pages of a photo album, put together by a professional photographer, seems to have a magical quality to it. The lighting is always perfect, the outfits are immaculate, and the setting is just right. Although they make it seem easy, those flawless photos took work.

Brazilian photojournalist Gilmar Silva has found considerable popularity on social media by sharing the processes he uses to create his stunning photographs. He shows both the original and edited versions for comparison, showing us all just how creative and innovative professional photographers are.

Today, we put together a digital photo album of some of his fantastic works. Let’s take a look!

New Kicks

Posing like a model while strolling down the streets of a big city is probably every youngster’s dream. And, looking at the plethora of action shots on Instagram, we don’t think it’s a stretch to say that. Maybe those hopeful stars should look at Gilmar’s work.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

Looking through his portfolio, he shows us some tricks he uses to get amazing pictures. Sometimes, it’s all about the angle. He managed to get a full-body shot with the tip of a skyscraper poking into the open sky in the distance.

Flying Is Possible When You Are Creative Enough

Even though little girls are not heavy, it’s unlikely that a few balloons could lift them off the ground. But, with the help of an expert, that can be easily changed. Well, an expert and a helper with great upper body strength.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

Gilmar gave away the big secret with this before and after. That’s right, even a pro uses Photoshop! What really gets us is the lack of a green suit. Wouldn’t that make it easier to crop out the man in the background?

Who Shines Brighter?

Another example of how creative photographers can be is this one, showing a woman who seems to be holding the moon in her hands. Even though it’s not physically feasible, Gilmar made the impossible happen. And all of that with a little bit of emphasizing the lights.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

Although the version on the left looks like an overcast evening, and the swing is only there thanks to the help of two guys, the photographer made it seem magical. In the final product, the woman looks like a goddess of nature.

Tunnel Vision

Blues always seem so aesthetically pleasing. While many of us rely on water-based shots, it really only takes a bit of imagination, creativity, and style. A shawl draped over the picture’s subject can get you the shot you’re looking for.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

What is more astonishing here is the shadow over her face. The way the design is perfectly “imprinted” on her face is stunning. It must have taken Gilmar a while to get the lighting just right. We hope his arm didn’t get too tired while trying to capture the shot.

Like A Phoenix

Special effects are everywhere nowadays. Whether it’s film productions, modeling photo sessions, or a music album cover, artists can’t get enough computer assistance. Even Gilmar uses special effects, but he’s also more than capable of generating the perfect shot without CGI.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

He didn’t use some new magic trick to generate this shot. With some makeup, charcoal, and perfectly aligned red lights, he turned an ordinary deck into a firey creature. We just hope that the lights weren’t too hot, otherwise, there would’ve been some firefighters in the background.

Lunar Princess

Perhaps Gilmar has a special affinity for moon-related shots; spoiler alert: this isn’t the last you’ll see of his lunar photos on our list. This time, however, he incorporated a pregnant woman. Or, rather, he included the moon in a maternity photoshoot.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

She’s holding both the moon and her baby so delicately. Eliminating a man in the background and adding some lights is everything it takes to get such a breathtaking photo. Is this what it means when someone says they “love you to the moon and back”?

A Girl And Her Dog

We might be writing this with Christmas and New Year’s just over the horizon, but taking photos for the annual holiday card is applicable all year round. Of course, we always strive to find the perfect backdrop for our family photos, but Gilmar doesn’t need any of that.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

It’s hard to tell from the before photo, but it looks like the photoshoot took place in a warehouse or backstage somewhere. Not that any of that matters when you’ve got a string of colorful lights, a cute dog, and a patient photographer.

Hold On Tight

We told you he had more moon-themed pictures. It seems to be his specialty, given how stunning they always look. What really catches our eye in the before photo is where her dress ends — it’s taking a dip in the water!

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

If we just saw the before photo, we would feel bad for her because her dress is probably getting ruined, or needs some expensive dry-cleaning. But Gilmar is a pro; it was all done on purpose so he could get the perfect otherworldly shot.

Let’s Go For A Ride

Making images look as sharp as a knife is challenging, and it’s often only something a professional photographer can do. We know Gilmar is a pro because he makes it seem so easy! With a few props and some light, the girl in the picture became the center of attention.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

Everything is lined up so perfectly; the picture could be in an auto magazine or a promo poster for a new action movie. Too bad the before picture is blurry. We’d love to see just how much work went into creating this masterpiece.

Rooted To Reality

Another theme you’ll notice in Gilmar’s works is maternity photoshoots. For most women, it’s a beautiful time, and they want to capture every moment of it. Pregnancy requires women to be both sensitive and strong, something that’s perfectly captured in this photo.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

The snaking roots reflect her resilient nature and show us what hidden power women have. The way she is smiling and gently touching the roots makes it seem like the woman is now truly discovering just what strength she holds.

Don’t Float, Georgie!

It’s fair to say that taking pictures in or near any body of water will yield fantastic results, and this one is proof of that. It shows how phenomenal filming can make a difference if you possess skilled hands. It’s surely something to be proud of.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

Jokes aside, the quality of a camera that a photographer has at his disposal also contributes to the outcome of photos like this one. If it weren’t for the lighting of the final picture, we’d be concerned that the little girl would float away like Georgie from IT.

Man’s Best Friend

Say what you will about cats, but dogs truly are man’s best friend — something this kid knows very well. Pictures like this always awaken some special feelings and make people smile. And it appears that the photographer found the perfect angle to capture their bond.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

The professionalism of this fantastic artist can be seen just by his positioning. The first image is sort of blurry as the sunlight covers the girl’s and dog’s faces. However, the second one undoubtedly shows Gilmar’s top-notch skill as he made a perfect piece of artwork.

Man’s Other Best Friend

Don’t worry, cat lovers; we have your favorite companions on our list, too. Cats might not be as good with “sit” and “stay,” but Gilmar is a professional! We’re huge fans of his, so we tried our hand at doing some cat portraits in his signature style…

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

Of course, no one should expect any similar quality, but we gave it our best go. The zoomed version of this picture where the cute kitty is so close to a blue-lightened butterfly is marvelous. Simply, it’s obvious that a professional played his part in it.

What’s In The Box?

At first sight, we didn’t think there was anything unusual about the photo below. It’s just a curious baby girl playing in a garden. Even her outfit isn’t abnormal; kids love playing dress-up! But if you scroll down, you’ll see that there’s more magic in the moment than you realize.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

Just like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction, we’ll never know for sure what the little girl found in the treasure chest. That’s something for her eyes only; we’ll just have to settle for enjoying the innocent curiosity and wonder she finds in the ordinary.


Sometimes, photographers need to set up the right location, but other times, it’s a matter of timing and taking advantage of the events around you. Looking at the before picture, we assume that someone cut down a tree, and Gilmar merely seized the opportunity for a photo shoot before the wood was hauled away.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

It doesn’t look like a very comfortable position for the model, but, as the saying goes, beauty is pain. A few moments of awkward branches poking your behind can be worth it to capture this eternal still image of a fallen tree.

The Magic Within

We usually think of highways as grimy places, and they’re nowhere near our top 10 list of places to take a picture. Apparently, we were wrong. It’s not the street that matters; it’s who’s behind the camera that makes a difference!

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

We all know that pictures can hold deeper meanings than what’s directly shown. Blowing colorful confetti from a book implies the magic and mystery found within the pages, even though the woman isn’t saying a single word. On a different note, we hope Gilmar picked up his mess!

Just Going For A Stroll

We will never stop being amazed by Gilmar’s vision and imagination. He saw an ordinary, rickety-looking bridge and conjured up a magical image in his mind’s eye. And, what’s even more impressive than that — he made it a reality!

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

We would have been distracted by the telephone wires and probably would’ve spent way too long trying to find the right angle. This just shows how talented he is. The world looks completely different through the eyes (or, lens) of an artist.

Pregnant Bike Ride

We don’t know why this pregnant woman decided to have her picture taken in the middle of a field, and we’ll probably never find out. However, it’s no mystery why she chose her photographer. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the location was his idea.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

Ordinarily, a picture like this — a pregnant woman riding a bicycle in an empty field — would be weird, but we have no questions when looking at the finished product. It was probably a bit of a trek for her to get there, but the results are worth it!

A Nymph?

Through his various works, this fantastic photographer has shown how us how significant perspective is when trying to capture the perfect picture. Technically, the image is just a woman lying on the ground, not doing much at all. But with the hands of a skilled individual, her image gets a whole new dimension.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

In modern art, faces are often emphasized. Some of them are used for logos while others are the focus of magazine covers. By framing her face with branches, he tricked our brains into focusing on the right area of the frame. Good job, Gilmar.

The Snow Queen

Do you remember a girl with flames behind her head? Well, it seems we found her arch-enemy. Though we think this model had a harder job — being covered in ice, even for a few minutes, couldn’t have been comfortable.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

This photo also required the expertise of a professional makeup artist. The eyeshadow and lipgloss really give off the vibe of an ice queen embracing her natural element. We just hope that the model got a warm blanket and a cup of hot coffee after the picture was snapped.


So far, we’ve seen Gilmar make masterpieces using mostly angles and a bit of Photoshop. It doesn’t seem like he uses greenscreens all that much. Though, looking at this picture, we know he takes advantage of similar tools if needed.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

With a black backdrop and some resizing, Gilmar turned an ordinary woman into Thumbelina. Once again, it’s all a matter of perspective when he puts together his photos. The crimped hair and flowing dress really give the appearance of a small fairy peeking through someone’s camera.

Brambles Are The Perfect Setting

Young couples are always trying to find the right Instagram-worthy picture(s). And that’s why Gilmar jumped in to help these two make their dream come true. They probably intended to steer clear of the dry brambles, but Gilmar nudged them right into the thick of it.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

From an outsider’s perspective, the photo doesn’t look like anything special. But, through a professional’s lens, it’s a whole different scene. It’s no longer a couple stuck in the woods; it’s a romantic photoshoot of young love. What a masterpiece!

A Happy Family Gathering

Gilmar can’t seem to get enough of lunar snapshots, and we hope he doesn’t stop taking them. Perhaps it’s because the moon holds a sort of inherent mysticism, or the light always captures the right angles, but his moon-centric pictures are the definition of art.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

He got mom, dad, and their kid to pose perfectly for the heartwarming family gathering. Unfortunately, their lovable doggo wasn’t clued in and didn’t know where to look. Knowing dogs, he was probably just distracted by the thought of a tasty treat later.

Please Don’t Stop The Music

Music has power, and it speaks to us in ways that simple dialogue can’t. Certain songs can hold memories, or even bring us back to our favorite moments. Even psychologists can back up the importance of music in our lives.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

This girl is the embodiment of music. With noise-canceling headphones around her head and vinyl discs around her, we can almost hear the photo. And, if you look at the before photo closely, you can see that the music notes weren’t all Photoshopped — Gilmar used some simple cut-outs.

Light Vs. Dark

This is probably the most drastic — and confusing — before and after so far. Once again, the before shot is too dark and grainy to make out any detail, but from what we can see, Gilmar didn’t rely too much on the setting — other than the pool.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

It’s amazing how a dark scene can turn into a glowing photo. At the risk of getting too poetic here, we think this before-and-after combo shows us how there’s a light and dark side to everything. It’s all a matter of perspective.


Some people rely too much on makeup and beauty products to look their “best,” but that’s just all part of getting older. Kids don’t need any assistance; they have a youthful glow about them. Although they don’t actually glow, there’s a certain radiance they emit.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

This is either proof that kids can look cute no matter where they are, or that Gilmar has a unique eye for capturing magical moments. On a side note, is it just us or does the little girl look like a younger Zendaya? Who knows, maybe Gilmar got hired by some celebs in the past.

Taking A Nap

While Gilmar usually focuses on people in his photographs, he can still find beauty and inspiration in inanimate objects. And the photography master can’t seem to get maternity photos off his mind, even when looking at ordinary objects like an egg.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

With a marker and a mini flower crown wrapped around it, a pale egg was transformed into a mother-to-be. The facial expressions drawn on it certainly support this story. Or, perhaps he just took advantage of a forgotten Easter egg. Just kidding!

Fun With Fairy Lights

Even though there’s nothing spectacular about seeing a girl play with some fairy lights, this picture shows how even the ordinary (yet odd) can become a piece of artwork. Without the reference picture, we wouldn’t even know she’s lying on the cold sidewalk.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

It really doesn’t take expensive equipment or the perfect amount of sunlight to capture a beautiful photo. As we’ve seen with Gilmar’s photos, it just takes a keen eye, creativity, and probably some patience — though the last part is mostly implied.

Budding Photographer

This particular photoshoot shows how impactful Gilmar’s works are. Perhaps it was just a coincidence that this woman wanted her camera in the picture, or perhaps she was showing him admiration for his work. No one can say for sure, nor does it matter!

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

Even on an ordinary city street, one can capture the beauty in everyday life. Gilmar is truly a genius; he was able to capture the passion of a budding photographer through a slightly dirty window pane. He doesn’t need perfection to work his magic.

Puddle Or Pond?

We can’t fault Gilmar for taking so many pictures of pregnant women. There’s something so special about those nine months, and women are even said to glow as they near the baby’s due date. It makes sense that Gilmar would use this opportunity to capture the beauty found in people.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

For us, a pregnant woman’s glow and the radiance of the sun would be ruined by the roadside puddle. But with a professional’s eye, the puddle was likely the exact place he had in mind to take this stunning picture.

Casually Drifting On The Lake

Lakes seem to be an ideal place for a photoshoot. Even though we haven’t seen many from Gilmar yet, there’s something in the natural beauty of lakes that make them the perfect backdrop. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t use them a lot — he’s a pro without them!

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

A muddy shoreline doesn’t matter to a pro photographer. Is the lighting okay? Is the woman staying afloat on the raft? Is her flower crown on right? Perfect! And, of course, the pregnant belly ties it all together into a relaxing photo.

Optics Are Everything

This one makes our heads hurt. This might be a bit of a blast from the past, but do you remember your high school physics teacher’s lesson about refraction and concave vs convex mirrors? Or, better yet, do you remember playing around with a mirror and watching images flip upside-down?

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

Gilmar doesn’t just use angles, lights, and Photoshop. He knows how to take advantage of physics and the natural laws of the universe. That’s how he got this stellar shot with a couple upside-down in the background. Or, should we say, right-side up in the foreground!

A Perfect Photo Doesn’t Exi…

Creating perfect alignments is one of the most challenging parts of a professional photographer’s job. They might make it look like a piece of cake, but the reality is far from that. Depending on multiple factors like the light present and positioning, it can easily go wrong.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

All Gilmar needs is a couple with smiling faces, and he can turn any scene into an award-winning photograph. After posting this on his Instagram, we wonder how many couples recruited their friends to help them attempt to recreate this sort of photo.

A Dad Helping His Little Girl Fly

Being able to fly is something every kid dreams about. We’re not ashamed to admit that we still hope to have dreams wherein we can fly. Sadly, that dream will never come true. But with the help of a photographer, we can pretend it does…

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

The final photo is magical, but we love seeing the “how it was made.” Fairytales might not be real, but a parent’s love can lift us up and bring us closer to the magic that we hope to find in our daily lives.

Not All Roads Are Dirty

No one likes walking through the mud on an offroad dirty path, especially not when you’re trying to go on a romantic drive out of town. But with Gilmar behind the camera, we’re sure that was their goal when trying to take this picture.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

What is phenomenal specifically here is the expert’s positioning. He’s so dedicated to his craft that some muddy sneakers don’t bother him. Looking at the final photo, we agree that it definitely paid off! We wonder if he has special clothes for his photoshoots.

Flurry Of Photographs

Once again, Gilmar has inspired others to try their hand at photography. Perhaps he took this photo to try to capture the joy his work brings him. Stepping it up from the previous photographer photoshoot, he brought some props into the mix.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

This probably took a few tries and perfect timing to get a snapshot of the moment the polaroids were fluttering about. We feel kind of bad for Gilmar’s assistant who was forced to pick up those pictures when the last snapshot was taken.

Misty Morning

No matter how hard they try, even the best photographers can never fully capture the love and joy a newlywed couple has in their hearts as they exchange their vows. Unless you’re Gilmar; he has a few tricks up his sleeve to capture the romance.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

There’s no doubt that this couple is madly in love. Most of us would see a foggy morning and try to find a new spot, but Gilmar brought along a fog machine to create the perfect setting. Let’s move on and let them enjoy their moment together.

Just A Quick Nap

We can sort of understand taking a picture on a pile of branches, but we would never have considered laying down in a pile of bricks and detritus. Somehow, construction equipment and beautiful photographs never meshed together in our minds.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

Either women are willing to go through a lot of discomfort to get the perfect picture, or Gilmar’s models know to trust the expert and take his advice. We just hope that she managed to get the dust out of her hair and didn’t hurt her back too much.

Another Nymph?

We hope that this woman isn’t afraid of bugs, otherwise, she might just find a nasty surprise in her hair after this photoshoot was done. Luckily, since it looks like a domestic garden, she’s probably safe from any dangerous critters.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

Truth be told, Gilmar made remarkable work. But no one questioned it. These yellow flowers all around the girl’s face are a small detail that makes this image complete. But what must be emphasized is her confident gaze directed toward the camera.

Merry Christmas

Typically, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get a baby interested in, well, anything. They’re always curious and trying to collect as much information as possible about the world around them. To babies, anything can get their attention.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

We miss those days when even the simplest things would be amusing and worthy of our curiosity. We hope the kid wasn’t too disappointed and that there was some prize inside the box. We’d hate to think that he grew up not believing in fairytales.

The Perfect Dip

With the before photos, we can see how anything can be beautiful. Instead of going far away from a roadside puddle, Gilmar directs his models to the edge. But he’s the one taking the real risk — his camera is way too close to the water!

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

But who cares about that when you have your partner by your side? With your loved one next to you, and with a well-practiced dip, every moment is magical. Whether it’s a dance show or a close save from tripping into the mud, the pair is gorgeous!

Soak Up The Sun

Exposure to sunlight on a daily basis is vital to our health and well-being. The vitamin D and stimulated endorphins are irreplaceable. Perhaps that’s why this pregnant woman wanted to do her photoshoot outside — to soak up some sun.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

She picked a good day to get some sun without getting burned, but to our ordinary eyes, it wouldn’t be ideal for a photoshoot. Luckily, Gilmar was behind the camera — an overcast day turned into a brightly lit field of grass.

Fun With Fairy Lights…again

It looks like we have another young woman who loves surrounding herself with fairy lights. We knew that they were popular, but we didn’t think there was such an obsession with them. Then again, looking at the final photos, we can’t argue with the results.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

Too bad you can’t see more of her dress in the second photo. It’s beautiful and perfect for a magical photo op. We hope that there were some more pictures snapped after this one where she got to show off her full outfit.

A Family Waiting For The Newest Member

There is no better way for a happy family to conclude their day than with a nice, professional picture where everyone is included. This family was probably thrilled when they saw the image Gilmar made for them. We bet they were as shocked as we are.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

At least we finally have an answer to our previous question about Gilmar’s clothes during his photoshoots. He came prepared for this one. We hope that this family shows the baby this photo when they are older. It’s truly magical.

Gilmar’s Muses Combined

We’ve come to our last photo, so we decided to have one featuring Gilmar’s two favorite things: the moon and a maternity photoshoot. We don’t know where he gets his ideas from; we’re just grateful that he shares his masterpieces with us.

Image courtesy of gilmarphotos/Instagram

We can feel the pride and glow coming from this mother-to-be. With one hand gently resting on her belly and the other arm carefully holding up the moon, we know she’ll provide the best love and care for her newborn.