Rogue States And The Rise of Terrorism

By Toby Tunwase

You’d agree that one of the most common questions about terrorism is what causes terrorism? A large number of people feel terrorism comes from extreme religious beliefs. A few others believe terrorism stems from political intentions. Well, there’s one thing we know for sure. No matter the reasons for terrorism, it won’t be possible without the support of powerful bodies.

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The most common sponsors of terrorism today are rogue states. Rogue states are nations that break laws and intimidate other nations. Over the years, these states contribute in several ways to terrorism. Their methods are not far-fetched.

Rogue states produce very lethal weapons and threaten the rest of the world with them. If that wasn’t bad enough, they go as far as selling the weapons to secret groups. As a result, rogue states end up providing terrorists with the tools to perpetrate evil.

Besides, rogue states encourage drug trafficking and money laundering. Due to this, they fuel the fires that drive terrorist organizations. Also, in a bid to deny human rights and shut down political opponents, these rogue states use radical groups as their pawns.

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To make matters worse, powerful rogue states usually provide protection for terrorist organizations. Thereby, they hinder all attempts by other nations to put an end to terror. Yet, all hope is not lost. The global war against terror is gaining momentum. Very soon, the impunity of states like North Korea and Iran will be a thing of the past.