The Biden Administration and its Effect on International Relations

By Toby Tunwase

America, being a world power, has a profound effect on the political landscape worldwide. The policies that come out of the White House do not only affect the people of America; they also have a role to play in how international organizations function, the well-being of refugees, and the safety of international treaties. 

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Under Donald Trump’s presidency, unfriendly policies towards climate change and the World Health Organization reverberated worldwide and powerfully affected the effectiveness of these aspects of human endeavor. This phenomenon is not new, and whether it is Obama or Bush, it is always the case that the policy direction in America has profound effects worldwide.

The Biden Administration is no different, as its policies are already beginning to affect relations worldwide. For Instance, the administration has a strong plan for climate change, and this will mean that it will need to build alliances with the EU and possibly even China. The decision to rejoin the Paris Agreement also means renewed confidence in the US among climate-friendly nations.

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The Biden Administration will also be looking to curtail Iran and its nuclear progress. Its policy will be unlike the Trump Administration’s, which pulled out of a nuclear deal and then imposed sanctions on Iran. This new administration will return to that deal while ensuring that those sanctions are relieved. The effect will be less fear in the international community about Iran’s nuclear program.

Like all American Administrations in recent history, the decisions Biden’s white house make have overreaching consequences.