The Corona Virus’s Effect on the World

By Violet Harmon

As we worry about the spread of Coronavirus to the world and how it infects humans, what are its other effects on the world?

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There are many cases of Coronavirus and they continue to spread around the globe. Since many nations and companies depend on China’s economy, this then create a ripple effect on the world.

Anticipated Fall

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China is known to be the second-largest country in the world in terms of economy. Since it’s the prime trading country, the economic crisis can put worldwide growth in peril.

Economists have positive thinking that the economy of China would recuperate once the virus is contained.

Sinking Demand in Oil

China is the most extensive oil importer in the world. Demand in global oil might drop because of China’s shutdown.

Disturbance to Commerce

Since factories have shut down, there is also a shortage of parts and products from China. This affects global companies around the world.

Here are other effects:

Coronavirus does not only affect human health, but also the world economy. Once it’s treated, recovery will take place.