The Fine Line Between Intolerance And Freedom Of Expression

By Toby Tunwase

Do you dream of living in a world where you have to be careful of every word you use? No one wants that, really. Yet, the nightmare is that we are already in those times. We live in times when people are getting intolerant of others’ beliefs, choices, and even physical appearance. Is this the right way to live? What can be done instead? The next paragraphs will outline some truths everyone needs to understand. 

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First off, the law allows everyone to be what they like. At least, if you’re not a criminal, you have no problem. It gets even better when you know that the law allows you to say whatever you think. However, like you already know, you mustn’t use your words to foment trouble or start legally questionable uproars.

The big question now is, are you wrong if your words hurt someone? That’s quite tricky because if you lie against someone in public, you risk being fined or jailed for slander. But outside that, it’s not a big deal to make someone angry or cry through your words.

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Nevertheless, we shouldn’t talk down to people. Especially, saying ill or hurtful things to someone based on their orientations, physical features, or religion is very wrong. Our freedom of expression should not be a passkey to say uncouth things about others.

On the other side of the divide, everyone should also learn to make room for innocent mistakes. There is no need to police what other people say because you fear they have intentions against you. Harmony starts not just when we understand that our freedoms should be used to build others up. It also shows itself in understanding other people’s views without sowing seeds of intolerance.