The Relationship Between Democrats And Republicans

By Divya G

The relationship between the parties in the US is a complicated one. It’s not uncommon for people to think that Democrats are liberals, socialists, or communists and Republicans are conservative capitalists.¬†Although these labels can sometimes be true, it’s important to remember that there are more than two parties in our country. We have libertarians, progressives (sometimes also called social democrats), moderates (also called classical liberals), green party members, and more.

RODNAE Productions / Pexels

In a way, the relationship between Democrats and Republicans is one of competition. The goal on both sides is to gain power by winning over those voters who might vote for their opponent. But it can also be said that they’re just competing for control or influence among Americans.

Creating an identity as a Democratic or Republican depends largely on what kind of conservative or liberal you are. The Democrats tend to be more supportive of social programs and less open with business; while Republicans have the opposite view.

Democrats also believe that the government should regulate private enterprise, while Republicans don’t want any regulation at all, preferring a free market system instead. Furthermore, Democrats are often said to support labor unions, while Republicans are more likely to oppose them.

Derick McKinney / Unsplash

The Democrats want to create a society where wealth is not concentrated in an elite few. The Republicans think that everyone should be able to fend for themselves without government assistance. Both claim to believe in equal opportunity.

The difference between these two ideologies goes back many years- but it’s been a central issue in American politics ever since the Civil War.