Two Countries That European Superpowers Have Never Colonized

By Toby Tunwase

Several modern-day countries have a history of colonization, especially on the continents of Africa and Asia, not to mention the entire North American continent. This happened because of the desire of European countries to control the rest of the world. However, some countries have never felt the sting of colonization, and we will be looking at two of those countries below. 

  1. Japan
Image: Shutterstock

Japan was able to resist colonization and, in fact, gained strong influence and power in countries like Taiwan and Korea. One of the significant factors that helped the country prepare to resist colonization was the Meiji Restoration of 1868. This political revolution ousted the military government ruling in Japan and restored the land to imperial rule led by Prince Mutsuhito. This reform helped Japan win the war with China and then later Russia in 1905. By the second world war, Japan had itself become a colonial power in Korea and Manchuria.

  1. Saudi Arabia 
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Saudi Arabia was also able to escape European colonization. The nation was under local leadership until the 16th century when the Ottoman Empire gained control of the country’s majority. Soon enough, the royal family in Saudi Arabia began to fight the empire for power. They were supported by the British empire, which wanted the fall of the Ottoman Empire due to World War 1 alliances. By the end of the first world war, the Ottoman Empire lost control of Saudi Arabia. Still, the British never colonized, ensuring that Saudi Arabia remained free of European colonization.