By Toby Tunwase

The eventful process of the U.S presidential elections is always a prominent part of global politics. This epochal event is now upon us once again, and the presidential debates are usually pivotal to the process. Here are 8 things to know about the U.S presidential debates 2020.

Image courtesy of watchingamerica.com
  1. There will be three presidential debates and one vice presidential debate.
  2. These debates are all at 9 p.m. ET. The debates run for about 90 minutes and are commercial free.
  3. You can watch the debates almost anywhere, including networks and cable news outlets.
  4. All four debates take place at different locations in the United States. These locations are chosen and announced in due time.
  5. The moderator for each debate will also be chosen and announced in due time just as the locations. For each debate, a different moderator is chosen from different news media.
  6. The topics that will be discussed are based on news and happenings at different times and do not follow the same order. This year, topics that monopolized the first debate were: the Trump and Biden Records, the Supreme Court, Covid-19, the Economy, Race and Violence in our Cities, the Integrity of the Election.
  7. The US presidential debates have always been set up by the Commission on Presidential Debates, since the 1988 general election. Primary debates are exceptions as they are overseen by political parties and news networks.
  8. Finally, we end our list of noteworthy facts on a lighter note. It is amusing that most times, the parts of the U.S presidential debates that stick to the minds of the public, are the gaffes.