Understanding The Syrian Crisis

By Toby Tunwase

The Syrian crisis started over ten years ago, and it has been a tale of violence, sadness and has become a terrible humanitarian situation.  Many have monitored the Syrian war very closely, following all the details of the attacks, reprisals, refugee situations, and the UN and other world powers’ response.

Image credit: iamsyria.org

On the other hand, some are unsure of what exactly happened in Syria and what is happening right now. This article briefly explains the origin of the crisis and major events in the 10-year crisis.

The Syrian crisis began with demonstrations against the government-controlled by Bashar al-Assad in 2011. The Pro-democracy movements called for political freedom, and in response, there was a heavy clampdown from government authorities.  The clampdown escalated, and members of the rebel groups soon took up arms to defend themselves and attack government authorities.

Image credit: britannica.com

The situation soon broke down even further, with terrorist groups and foreign powers coming into the fray with different interests of their own.

Major Players

Major players in the Syrian crisis include the Syrian government, Russia, and Iran, all believed to be on the same side. There are also terrorist organizations like ISIS and Al- Qaeda in the mix. A US-led coalition also helps to wage war on terrorism in the nation. There is also, of course, the opposition group.

Conclusion: The Impact of the War

The Syrian crisis has led to the death of so many people, with different sources quoting different numbers. However, the general toll is usually around 300 000, not counting missing people. UNICEF reports that over 12,000 children have either been killed or injured in the crisis.