By Shane Ronen

Most at times, in various countries, there are cries by the youth for the government to provide and create jobs. One thing that most governments fail to do is to make sure they provide a stable and robust environment for businesses to strive through.  In a country where interest rates and other benefits that hinders small business from starting up.

.  Developing vocational education and training systems for young, people to respond efficiently to the developments of globalization, informatics, and electronic communication techniques.

 Finding supportive policies for entrepreneurs with small projects to enable them to make their way in the establishment of projects and self-employment.

. Reviewing the legislation in force to respond efficiently, to the mechanisms of self-employment, expand the base of employment and involve civil society institutions.

It is important for the nation or any government in any country. To take advantage of advanced information and communication technologies to serve the issues of the economy and raise the competitiveness of the economy.

The government must establish a kind of cooperation and partnership between the private sector institutions and the institutions concerned with training, qualification and vocational training.

. Adopting the method of business incubators and micro-enterprises to adopt and support new entrepreneurs and future entrants on the labor market, and to create appropriate facilities and sites equipped to start their projects.

 Modernizing the mechanisms of employment in line with the changes in the labor market in its rapid change and linking this with continuing education and training, which provides multiple options for changing the course of action.