By Shane Ronen

Corruption is a behavior of government officials using the principles accepted by the state to serve their personal interests. It is an abuse of public functions. Corruption takes many forms in society from criminal to non-criminal, from corruption to bribery, commissions, and other Criminal offenses in accordance with the law, and non-criminal offenses are caused by administrative or political authorities and the ways of preventing corruption effective law enforcement is essential to ensure that corrupt people are punished and impunity is avoided. Successful implementation is supported by a strong law and an independent and effective trial system. Civil society can support this by strengthening citizens’ demands to fight corruption. Establish monitoring initiatives that reveal corruption, minimize loss of funds, improve the quality of functioning state services, and enable them to hold governments accountable, helping to build mutual trust between citizens and government

How to Fight Corruption Steps to fight corruption begins by examining the types and causes of corruption. This leads to finding appropriate solutions :

Raising oneself to respect positive laws by awakening conscience, which is considered a condition within each person, and developing the spirit of patriotism and love for the homeland. Be careful in appointing people to financial positions, in particular; you must look for the right person who has good conduct in public and business life; it is not right to appoint a person known to accept bribes, no matter how small in any financial position. Setting strict laws and regulations that fight corruption and prosecute the corrupt. Activating the role of the media in all its forms by educating people about the types of corruption and ways of cooperating together to eliminate it.