By Roy Danilo

I am sure anyone reading this article understands the term “corruption” and its effects on any nation at all. Corruption is when a person misuses the public office for personal gains. But in the world we live in, any government institution we visit you tend to see the likelihood of corruption in there somewhere

The question most people ask is how we can get corruption out of the system, and I say to myself it is not like corruption is a person that when you get rid of that one person, it ends. I am sure you get where I am concluding at. Corruption, in itself, is embedded in the system as a whole. It is like everyone is corrupt one way or the other . the main discussion is how we can deal with corruption. We don’t want someone to go into an office and start building mansions all of a sudden, and we do nothing about it whilst there are ordinary people who go to steal a phone, and that person is sentenced to several years in prison. You see the point I am making here. The person who commits a big crime is let off easily without any form of punishment.

We can deal with corruption if there are transparency and accountability. We, as humans, must be honest to ourselves in anything we do. If we don’t practice honesty and teach this in our next generation, then corruption will never end. The question you need to ask yourself is ” how faithful are you towards your profession.

Another way to deal with corruption is by going back to the education system. We must make our next generation understand that corruption is a vital canker to the economy, and it can send you to prison we you ever engage in it.

Moreover, the laws of some countries must work. The laws are there but are not sufficient. How will someone be so confident to steal easily from the public office without fear. Because he knows the rules won’t work.

After reading this, I hope you fully understand how to deal with corruption and make your honesty stand out.