By Toby Tunwase

The G-7 is an organization of countries with the largest economies, and they meet annually to discuss world issues.  But, what countries are members of this noble group, why are they there and what exactly do they do.

Plainly, the G7 stands for the Group of Seven. This elite coalition comprises the following countries.

  1. Canada
  2. France
  3. Germany
  4. Italy
  5. Japan
  6. United Kingdom
  7. United States
Image courtesy of the taiwantimes.com

The G7 was established in 1975. But then, it wasn’t always a coalition of 7 countries. In fact, it was known as the G6 until Canada joined in 1976. Again, it became the G8 when Russia joined in 1998, until 2014 when Russia was kicked out under Vladimir Putin due to his annexing of Crimea. It is reported that due to the influence of current France and US Presidents, it is likely that Russia will be reinstated in the group’s conference to be hosted in the US this year.

About hosting the conference, the hosts of the annual meetings are not fixed. Each member country gets to play host from year to year. From Canada in 2018 to France in 2019, it is the turn of the United States this year.

Image courtesy of politico.com

The G7 presently covers a large scope of global issues encompassing security, climate change, gender security, poverty, and trade. In recent times, issues like North Korean nuclear forces, Brexit effects, Islamic states, and environmental problems were discussed.

It has not been all gin and tonics on the terrace. These countries also got crises they are facing while simultaneously trying to sort out world issues. Well, only the great Group of Seven can pull this off.