What Happened To The Hong Kong Protest?

By Roy Danilo

The 2019 Hong Kong Protests made international headlines with images of frustrated citizens burning and creating havoc over government decisions. Just a recap, The main cause of the Hong Kong Protests was the the proposed legislation of the 2019 Hong Kong extradition bill. On the other hand, there were other causes as well such as the Causeway Bay Books disappearance and the demands of democratic freedom.

So when the Covid-19 hit China like a hailstorm, that was all the news was talking about. Suddenly, the protests and protestors disappear. So what exactly happened? Well, first of all, they did not disappear.

Image Courtesy Of Unsplash

Since the Covid-19 epidemic took over, the protests have quieted down. For now. Many protestors are saying they are using this period to regroup and make a new wave once the whole epidemic blows over.

During this epidemic, Hong Kong protestors are protesting the way that the government has rolled out an authoritarian method to control the situation. They said they tried turning local clinics into coronavirus centres and was met with a heavy protests claiming that it will bring harm to the adjacent neighbourhoods. Their actions were met with full force from the authorities armed with pepper spray. Those who protested were arrested on sight.

Image Courtesy Of Unsplash

For now, however, while the protestors believe that fighting for their country is key to the freedom of Hong Kong, they will do their best to help the citizens fight this outbreak by gathering supplies and disseminating news regarding the virus that has been filtered by the government.