Why is Iceland ranked the safest country in the world?

By Toby Tunwase

For 12 years in a row, the land of ice and fire has maintained a top spot as the world’s safest country. The annual report published by the Institute for Economics and Peace reveals that 2020 is no different for the volcanic nation as it maintains a comfortable number spot, over the UAE.

Over 163 countries were featured in the report and were judged based on 3 major factors – the Ongoing International and Domestic Conflict, Societal Safety and Security, and Militarization. However, there are other 23 indicators used in assessing each state.

Image courtesy of highnorthnews.com

So, why exactly is the home of the Reykjanes peninsula the safest country in the world? Here are a few.

1. Extremely Low Crime Rate

When we say the people of Iceland are very friendly people, our assertions are backed with facts. The country has a low 1.5% murder rate per year and 0.8% homicide rate in every 100,000 people.

2. Outstanding Education System

Many have attributed the low crime rate to the high education level and employment rate in Iceland. A college degree is way less expensive than a month’s rent. Such a system allows more citizens to be educated and able to afford all their basic needs.

3. Equality for all

Iceland has now made it a law for women to be paid the exact amount that men get for the same job. Also, same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption is legal. There are no religious restrictions. The law of Iceland also makes it illegal to discriminate against anyone.

4. Speed Limit

For those of you who love to practice some Fast and Furious stunts on your way home, you might find Iceland a little bit much to bear. The Icelandic driving law makes it illegal to drive above 90 kmph (55.9 mph). A breach of this comes with a pretty high fine.

The Icelandic police do not carry guns, nor does the country have an army. The president walks around without a bodyguard. This is just to serve as proof to you about how safe this country really is!