Working From Home Indefinitely: Ministers Suggest Ways To Get Brits Back To Work

By Kanyi M

There are worries that millions of people may avoid going to work, putting a strain on the “sandwich economy” of city center companies that cater to employees. According to government sources, by encouraging individuals to return to work, ministers are trying to use incentives. Still, they will avoid using a “diktat.”

It comes amid reports that millions of employees would be given the “default” right to remain away from work and that forcing them back might be unlawful. As ministers develop a plan for a “new normal” that will allow the UK to live their lives despite Covid after July 19, workers may not be allowed to return to work.

Yasmina H / Unsplash

All of these come after:

• Face masks will no longer be a legal necessity on public transportation as of July 19, according to Matt Hancock.

• Britain now has the biggest coronavirus epidemic in Europe as the Indian – or Delta – mutation drives cases skyrocketing

• Children should not be given the vaccine until more is known about the dangers, according to the JCVI.

Michael Gove, a Cabinet Office minister, said that a hybrid approach that includes home working is likely to become the norm for millions of people. Scientists have recommended to the government that self-isolation for Brits with Covid symptoms should be the norm for the time being.

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However, they emphasize that no decisions have been taken on the plans yet and that an assessment of long-term social distancing measures was still underway was made. It comes as a new poll found that a third of employees currently work from home, and 86% of them intend to remain doing so.